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About Us

Phillybass’d Records (PBR), Philadelphia’s newest entertainment consulting group has expanded! PBR, renamed Phillybass’d Entertainment, is the keystone for our ever expanding music entertainment media consulting group and the new home of Phillybass’d Records, BGR Media, M &L Highway Publishing (BMI), Phillybass’d Music (ASCAP), G & A Communications and The Image Consulting Group.

Phillybass’d Entertainment was founded by Paula Webster-Grant who enlisted the help of her best friend Jill Berger from elementary school to createa place were up and coming artists would have the tools and services to help them facilitate their careers.  Over the many years of friendship the two have always felt that they would return to Philadelphia and join forces in a business that has been taking shape since childhood.

Both Paula and Jill wanted to name the company for the city in which they were born and raised, (their parents still live in the same houses only blocks away from each other where they used to hold band practices). They also thought it was important to support the city of Philadelphia, which is generally “underappreciated” and to pay homage to the birthplace of the “Philly Sound." They hope to make Phillybass’d Entertainment the icon of the new millennium.

Phillybass'd Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment media consulting group, with offices in the Philadelphia Metro area, New York, and Los Angeles that offers clients a "home" in the extremely competitive world of the entertainment industry. The company takes great pride in its approach to the development of its talent, guiding artists, songwriters, and producers through the process of acquiring the skill sets necessary to become successful in the business.

Phillybass’d Entertainment, offers its clients a one-stop shop for the ever expanding needs of today’s market with brand awareness, social media networking, marketing/promotional strategies, administrative assistance, client development, distribution, etc.  Phillybass’d Entertainment is the home  of Phillybass’d Records, BGR Media, M &L Highway Publishing (BMI), Phillybass’d Music (ASCAP), G & A Consulting and The Image Consulting Group.

Phillybass'd Entertainment is the proud sponsor of a community outreach program --a music, art and literary program inspired by a young artist whose life was cut short before her own immeasurable talents were recognized.  The outreach program will offer educational workshops and creative competitions to help artist of all ages embarking on a wonderful career in the entertainment industry.