Donnie G.

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Genres: Pop / Urban / Dance / R&B

Management: Phillybass’d Entertainment

Don Grant was born in Van Nuys, California and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After attending college, he enlisted in the United States Air Force where he is currently serving out the rest of his six-year enlistment on active duty.  During his time in the Air Force, he deployed to Afghanistan twice, earning commendations for both deployments.  He is currently stationed at Hurlburt Field, which is located on Florida’s “Emerald” coast. 

Don is a perpetual student of music.  He has studied the piano, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and alto saxophone.  There is no genre of music that does not interest him in learning to play and create.  He is an up and coming music arranger and producer. His vision of the continual evolution of music is one that encompasses the melodic roots of “Philly Soul” fused with Hip-hop, pop and R&B in a very fresh and original style.

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