This internship program is designed for students and recent graduates with an opportunity to
learn about the music industry and the supporting areas of Phillybass’d Entertainment.

Eligibility: A candidate must be an undergraduate student; or have graduated from college
within 6 months of beginning the internship.

General Information: Interns are expected to work between a minimum of 10-20 hours a
week during a 16 week internship period. Internships are offered during the Summer, Fall and
Winter/Spring semesters.

Interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between the Phillybass’d
Entertainment Human Resources Director and the intern’s college or university. All interns are
subject to the applicable Phillybass’d Entertainment employee rules.

Application Procedures: Candidates must complete an application form and submit it with
their cover letter and resume. Some internships positions may require additional application
items, such as a writing sample. All applications must be submitted as a complete package.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.