James Parks III

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Author/ Executive Coach

Servant Leadership/Self-Empowerment/Inspirational Public Speaking

Management: Phillybass’d Entertainment

Where can you find a dynamic and multifaceted executive coach, senior consultant, inspirational speaker and author all wrapped up in one? You can find it right here in James “Jim” Parks III aka “The Deep Brotha”, our newest client here at Phillybass’d Entertainment.

Jim graduated from Rutgers University receiving his BA in Business Administration while minoring in French. Jim studied in France at the Sorbonne during his junior year. He then decided to further his education and received his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Washington University in Saint Louis.

Parks has the ability to work with people in all walks of life, from CEOs and corporate leaders in Fortune 500 companies to youth leaders in urban high schools and middle schools. With over 30 years of investment banking and management consulting experience, he has also worked as a senior consultant for the Fannie Mae Corporation as well as starting his own training and development practice just to name a few. Jim is also the founder and CEO of The Parksonian Institute, a non-profit movement to help people at all stages of life to value and merge the arts and sciences.

More importantly, Jim Parks is the author of his soon-to-be published book, Are You U.G.L.Y. (Unleashing the Global Leader in You)?. Through his innovative and autodidactic approaches, he emphasizes the importance of expanding your mind and establishing a balance between your intellectual and creative attributes in order to unleash the global leader in you!

Phillybass’d Entertainment is ready to get deep with “The Deep Brotha”…are you?

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