Wilmer J. Leon III, PHD

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Political Analyst

Author / Columnist

Management: Phillybass’d Entertainment

Wilmer J. Leon III, PHD is a Political Analyst whose primary areas of expertise are Black Politics, American Government, and Public Policy. For 11 years Dr. Leon was an adjunct professor in the Political Science Department at Howard University in Washington, D.C..Dr. Leon earned a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Political Science from Hampton Institute, a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Howard University, and a PhD in Political Science from Howard University.

Over the years Dr. Leon has proved to be an individual who can identify problems and work with teams to develop and implement solutions. He is an incredibly effective communicator and public speaker on the pulse of today’s hottest topics.

Dr. Leon is a nationally broadcast radio talk show host, currently hosting Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s “Inside The Issues” on channel 126. Dr. Leon is a nationally syndicated columnist, a regular political commentator on national and international news programs.

Dr. Leon is also an author. His forthcoming book: Politics Another Perspective: Commentary and Analysis on Race, War, Ethics, and the American Political Landscape (2006-2014) will be published shortly.

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